Red Dead Redemption 2 Review

When I volunteered to review this game I was thinking it would be a GTA game based in the “somewhat” wild west. I thought that it would be a decent game and would be writing an article on how decent of a game it was.  However, the story in Red Dead Redemption 2 is one of the best games I think I’ve ever played, which should make sense as it is a game developed by Rockstar. The predecessor to this game came out in 2010, making Red Dead Redemption 2 a prequel.

Red Dead Redemption was a great game, especially considering it came out in May of 2010.  It earned a 95 on Metacritic and a 9.8/10 on IGN.

Commander’s Palce  via Abdizizar (Wikimedia Commons)

Commander’s Palce

via Abdizizar (Wikimedia Commons)

The story follows the character Arthur Morgan and his friends that are all a part of a gang.  The story begins with the gang escaping from the mountains and finding a place to settle down in a place called Horseshoe Overlook outside of Valentine.  Arthur begins with some basic missions and becomes better friends with the leader Dutch and other members of the gang.  One of these missions takes you on a train robbery where you get away with quite a few bonds to help out the gang. This ends the beginning couple chapters of the game.

The next couple chapters are where things start to heat up, whether it be taking on fugitives as a bounty hunter or fighting off rival gangs.  During these chapters the gang’s past starts to catch up with them.  They start having to move camps because of the law and rival gangs.  Throughout the game they end up moving camps around 4 times, thus moving the player around to different parts of the map each time.

By far one of the things I enjoy doing most in Red Dead is robbing the banks during the main story line or playing Poker.

The ending chapters have to be the some of the best in the game. These are some of the best moments in this game and are full of emotions both sad and happy, but mostly sad. The characters go through so much during the last 10 hours and it really helps conclude the Red Dead franchise, for now.


Max Montag