Movie Review: Us

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Following the successful release of 2017’s Get Out, Jordan Peele looked to lead another strong movie to the box office. The movie introduces new themes to the horror genre while also returning the classic tropes. While this movie doesn’t have the same cultural appeal and message, it is still very scary and violent. Set in the modern day, Us is about doppelgangers. The main character, Adelaide, must deal with an unfriendly family like hers around Santa Cruz. The film is made with precision intelligence and some humor on top of it all.

The movie Us starts on the Santa Cruz Boardwalk, as a young Adelaide is enjoying the day with her parents in 1986. Eventually she wanders and finds herself in a house of mirrors. The power cuts and the lights go out. She finds what appears to be her own reflection but is mysterious figure. A while later Adelaide is grown up, married and has two kids. During the summer her husband Gabe suggests going back to Santa Cruz. This idea troubles Adelaide, and she reluctantly agrees. Her son Jason is missing for a moment but otherwise the trip goes well. When they return home a strange family is waiting in the driveway. They don’t seem all too friendly.

Us is directed by comedy and horror expert, Jordan Peele. His experience with film and acting lead to a combination of the two in the movie. The movie is presented as violent and scary, which it is. Horror movies today are often rampant with jump scares and the same scary house or demon cliché.

The use of music and sound can carry or destroy a final product. Us is an example of an excellent sound score that leads the audience on and builds momentum while constantly having a sense of fear. Using familiar pop songs to give false security and then cutting smoothly into a chilling orchestra which will certainly give the audience an authentic scare. The camera work is sharp as well. Instead of using shaking and fast paced movement to increase in genuine fear, the cameras move at a pace to hide or reveal information at the perfect time. It is a great execution.  

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The film dominated the box office as fans of Get Out were anxious and excited to get a look at Peele's newest work. The film has earned over $134 million in North America alone and has already surpassed classics such as The Conjuring and the Blair Witch Project. Despite all of this, Us must be compete with Stephen King’s Pet Semetary which is projected to make $25 to $30 million in its first week.

Nonetheless Us is still a great film which may reach $350 million grossed worldwide once all is said and done. The film is at around 116 minutes in total length which is known to be a sweet spot.  

I personally enjoyed the film a lot. It is now one of my favorites. Like a lot of other people, I am tired of the cliché-ridden boring haunted house or possessed child horror movies that have been everywhere since the early 2000’s. Us is a refreshing, excellently made, new take on horror.

Ben Smith