Key Ohio Election Races in 2018

The midterm elections are coming up this November and many Moeller seniors will be eligible to vote. With Ohio being a key battleground state this year, here’s a rundown of the candidates running for governor, senate, and the 1st and 2nd congressional seats.\

Battleground State

Ohio has been a battleground election state for many years because our state is so divided between Republicans and Democrats. In presidential elections, Ohio has voted for the winner every year since 1960 and in 29 of the last 31 elections, dating back 126 years, Ohio has voted for the winner. This means whichever party wins in Ohio will likely have a majority in Washington over the next two years. Even though there isn’t a presidential election this year, there are still key races that will determine the majorities in the house and senate.

Race for Governor

The gubernatorial election is between former Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Director Richard Cordray (D) and Attorney General Mike DeWine (R). Cordray’s campaign centers around investing in opioid treatment, clean energy, defending Medicare, and enacting gun laws. Mike DeWine’s main campaign promise is to fight the opioid crisis. DeWine also has plans to reform education by decreasing the amount of standardized testing and increasing the amount of technology available for schools. DeWine also has plans to create more jobs in Ohio and make the state government more effective by incorporating technology. This race should be very competitive and both candidates have about the same odds of winning. Expect this race to be won by only a few percentage points.

Candidate Jim Renacci (R) meeting with President Trump. Photo courtesy of Pablo Martinez Monsivais.

Candidate Jim Renacci (R) meeting with President Trump. Photo courtesy of Pablo Martinez Monsivais.

Senate Seat Up for Grabs

In the senate race, incumbent U.S. Sen. Sherrod Brown (D), who was first elected in 2006, faces U.S. Rep. Jim Renacci (R). Brown’s campaign plans are to advocate for people with disabilities, improve care for our veterans, combat the opioid crisis, and increase the availability of affordable healthcare by supporting Obamacare. Renacci’s campaign, which was endorsed by President Trump, centers on agriculture, securing funding for our military, tax reform, and making spending cuts in government. This race will be extremely important at the national level because it will help determine the majority in the Senate.

First Congressional District

Democratic candidate for the 1st Congressional District Aftab Pureval. Photo published by his campaign

Democratic candidate for the 1st Congressional District Aftab Pureval. Photo published by his campaign

The race for the 1st Congressional district, which contains most of Hamilton and Warren Counties, is between incumbent Steve Chabot (R), who previously served from 1995 to 2009 and was elected to the seat again in 2010, and Democrat Aftab Pureval.  Steve Chabot is a supporter of Trump’s economic policies and his campaign centers around repealing Obamacare, reducing government spending, and protecting social security. Pureval, who has little experience as a politician, has made campaign promises that advocate for socialist policies including repealing the new tax cuts, fighting for equal pay laws, raising the minimum wage to $15/hour, and support for labor unions. Chabot will likely win this race, but the possibility of a Pureval upset cannot be overlooked.

Second District Race

The 2nd Congressional district starts in eastern Hamilton County and extends out east into Pike County. The race is between incumbent Brad Wenstrup (R), who was first elected in 2012, and Jill Schiller (D). Wenstrup, a military veteran, advocates for national security as one of his main promises. Wenstrup is also pro-life, he supports repealing Obamacare, and he wants to fix and improve upon our healthcare system. Schiller is a supporter of the Affordable Care Act and believes this will help provide affordable healthcare. Her campaign also centers on support for agriculture, criminal justice reform, and gun law reform. This race will likely be the least competitive of the races in this area mainly because the area involved is more conservative than the 1st district and the state as a whole, and Wenstrup is a popular candidate because he is a veteran of the Iraq War.

Stone Dixon