The Pros and Cons of Political Correctness

Everyday millions of Americans have their hands tied over political correctness.  There are pros to being politically correct as well as cons to being politically correct.  The Moeller Crusader is going to dive in to the benefits of political correctness as well as seeing when it has gone too far.

Political correctness is the act of walking a fine line in order to stay balanced on the political and social spectrum.  People will try to keep their words and actions balanced in order to not offend a certain group and stay on the good side of as many people as they can.  This is a very good tactic if you are willing to be dishonest and bend the truth.  

There are many benefits to being politically correct, it promotes inclusiveness and respect, among other things.  When you are being politically correct you are much less likely to offend someone than if you are just speaking your mind with no filter.  This is very beneficial when trying to come with an agreement with someone or simply trying to make a neutral statement.

InfoWars logo, photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

InfoWars logo, photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

What it comes down to: “Is being politically correct more important than being honest?”  This is what people need to consider when trying to be politically correct.  The Moeller Crusader reached out to people of different occupations and different ages, and asked them all of the same questions.  We started out with an InfoWars reporter, Owen Shroyer, a well-known pundit not afraid to speak his mind.  Shroyer also considers himself to be politically correct. The Moeller Crusader was able to correspond with him via email.

Shroyer focused a lot on some of the negative effects of political correctness. He stated, “It causes people to self-censor and can create an environment where universal truths or feelings are tampered with.”

Shroyer also focused on how political correctness caused people to hide the truth and tamper with it.  He stated how people end up censoring free speech in an effort to be politically correct, he stated “to censor free speech, or as they see it, offensive speech, that which is not politically correct.”

We also asked Shroyer if he thought political correctness has affected our society, Shroyer stated “many people are afraid to speak their mind because they're afraid it is not politically correct.”  Our society is changing every day and being affected by political views and ideologies and political correctness is just one of them.

There are many occasions where political parties engage in hypocrisy.  Owen went on to talk about how the left does not hold themselves to the same standard as the right.  We asked him what he thought of the left ignoring the fact that Bill Clinton has been accused of sexual misconduct, while at the same time willing to accuse President Trump of things that are not even proven.  He went on to say, “Standard practice for the left. You study the history of the left in America, they have never held themselves to the same standards they hold to others.”

Protests of Political Correctness, photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Protests of Political Correctness, photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

At Moeller High School, we have a diversity of opinions in our hallways.  We interviewed a senior, Drake Cooper, as well as government teacher, Mrs. Boggess.  Drake was very strong with his stance that he did not care if he was politically correct as long as what he was saying was the truth.  He expressed how he thought political correctness has affected our society, “It keeps people from telling the truth because it makes people afraid to express how they really feel.  It makes feelings more important than the truth,” explained Drake.  There are many people in society today that are afraid to face the truth and the consequences of censoring free speech.  Drake went on to say that he believes people not holding themselves to the standard that they hold to others is hypocrisy, in its finest form.

Ms. Boggess took a very neutral stance of political correctness.  She explained how her job as a teacher is to help us form our own opinions, and not to bias students.  As for hypocrisy between political parties, Boggess took a neutral stance stating, “I think both sides fail to acknowledge what the other side is arguing in terms of political correctness.  I think there are issues on both sides.”

Political correctness is something that is very opinion based and subjective.  There are things that can be benefited from political correctness, for example the well-being of people’s feelings.  On the other hand it gives a distorted view of society because everyone is always censoring what they say and do.



Zach Jones