Current Breakdown of the 2020 Election


Election time is one of the few times that the people of America really get to voice their opinion and make an impact on the direction our country will head for at least the next four years. The 2020 election will be a hectic time here in the States as we all know that there are some serious problems going on in today's America. The Democratic Party will have their work cut out for them as they try to take the throne from President Trump and the Republicans. Several candidates have already put their name in attempt to challenge President Trump.


Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders

One of the first Democrats to put their name in the hat failed to receive the Democratic nomination in the 2016 election, Bernie Sanders. Bernie Sanders is a familiar and household name that everyone has spent some time discussing, and it's because Bernie Sanders has a unique plan for America.

He has proposed, The College for All Act, a free education from public colleges and universities. “Our job is to bring forward a progressive agenda,” said Sanders. He plans to make up for the lack of tuition payments by over taxing the upper 10% of wealthy Americans. Another huge problem today in America is immigration, and he has not been shy about what he thinks about this topic. Bernie Sanders stands on the complete other side of the fence on this issue as President Trump. "I think it is heartless. I think the entire Trump party views on immigration is heartless. The bad part comes in and is the idea of a wall, which I thought was a great idea in the 15th century when China built the Great Wall. Not so smart today when we have technology that is much more cost effective in terms of protecting the border,” said Sanders.

Bernie Sanders unique views could very well earn him the top spot in the Democratic Party.  The people of America always love a new way of looking at things but the fact that Sanders wasn’t able to get the nomination from his own party in 2016, he faces an uphill battle. 

Former Vice-President Joe Biden


Another name that is drawing serious attention in the Democratic party is Joe Biden. This name may sound very familiar as he was the Vice President under President Obama. Joe Biden hasn’t officially entered the race, but it is highly anticipated that he will. In fact, he was very close to putting his name in for election in 2016 but he tragically lost his son Beau and eventually ran out of time to enter the election.

“This time, especially now that he has the blessing of his family to run and no less desire to be president, the surprise would be if he were to say no,” Dan Balz of the Washington Post. One thing about Joe Biden is that his policies appeal to all types of Democrats. He has policies and plans that would bring all Democrats together. One of Joe Biden’s big things is being in favor of giving workers more power and even raising the minimum wage to $15. “It is really hard to have a sense of your own dignity when you are working 40 hours a week and you’re living in poverty,” from Ted Johnson of Joe Biden also shares a common view with Bernie Sanders, back in 2015 when in office with President Obama, he backed the idea of free college education. Although President Obama didn’t embrace the free education movement, Biden was a consistent activist for it.  

Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren


A Democrat that might be a little less of well-known name around America but is very serious about her run for President is Elizabeth Warren. She has been serving as the Massachusetts state senator since 2013. One of her main focuses in the early campaign season has been putting an end to government corruption. Elizabeth Warren said, “Washington works great for the wealthy and well-connected, but it isn't working for anyone else. Companies and wealthy individuals spend billions every year to influence Congress and federal agencies to put their interest ahead of the public interest,” Warren said.  Elizabeth Warren also has a strong stance for equality in America and criminal justice reforms. She believes that in today’s America that there is one set of laws for the wealthy and powerful and one set of laws for the less-fortunate. “We need criminal justice reform and we need it now. That means that ending racial disparities in our justice system,” said Warren. She is an under the radar candidate right now, but I think she can make things interesting. 

President Donald Trump


The Republicans will have many people enter the race. It will be interesting to see what type of consideration they will get because of the current president is a Republican. It is almost a given that the current sitting president will be selected to represent their party in the next election. If they were to pick someone else, they would essentially be admitting that they messed it all up 4 years prior.

Donald Trump has stuck to his word as he has brought millions of jobs back to America, he has stuck to the plan of building a wall, and has put numerous tariffs on goods coming into America. The president won't always make everyone happy, but I think he has done a good job of making his own party happy. If he continues to do this then it will be very tough for the Democrats to take him down. 

The 2020 election will be something that all Americans have their eyes on. The Republican party looks to have the upper hand in the election with President Trump running for re-election, but with all that is going on in America today it will be interesting to see everyone share their different ideas and plans and see where it takes them. You know there will be some big fireworks and you won't want to miss it. 

Luke Szabados