Battlefield 1

If you’re a fan of the Battlefield franchise you’re going to love Battlefield 1. The last version of the game was a modern warfare setting that came out in 2013, produced by Dice. Now on October 21, 2016 an extraordinary game has been released, Battlefield 1. This is a WWI era based game where players can go head-to-head in all out combat. What do the people think of this game? Let’s find out.


Battlefield 1 is staged from 1914 to 1918. The campaign is relatively short, but there is surprisingly, a huge amount of human stories which also do a great job of letting you know what the technology was like at the time. However, the Battlefield series has not been known for the quality of its single player, but it has been known for its multi-player. When playing this game you feel like you are in World War 1 traveling through the Western Front in North Africa’s muddy fields with raging gun fire, as part of the U.S. 369th infantry, AKA the Harlem Hell-Fighters.

Weapons and Vehicle Selection

 Battlefield 1 stands out from other games because of its weapon selection. The arsenal is astounding with the MP 18 submachine gun and its distinct sound. If you can’t shoot effectively, put on an improvised red dot site. However, Dice just didn’t make infantry important, so are the vehicles, like the A7V tank and the fighter planes of the time. Within this FPS you can strategize with you fellow comrades to tactically take out the enemy with all of the unique armament that Dice has provided for you.


Erik Kain, a Battlefield 1 contributor stated that the Battlefield 1 beta was remarkable. He said that "He was having the most fun in years he has ever had playing a video game”. Gamers think that WWI was the perfect setting for a first person shooter. He stated that Dice perfectly executed the sounds and the uniforms of the time, even to the old school rifles. Right now this game is out for PS4 and Xbox 1, soon coming to the PC. Keep in mind that just the Beta got this Battlefield fanatic hyped up. Now with the real game out, enthusiasts are pumped up as ever (Forbes).

To keep things a bit more local I interviewed a couple people at Moeller High School, the first being Joe Speed ‘17. What makes this game so much different and unique, Joe says, “are the tanks and fighter planes”… “as you roll up on a group of men you can just obliterate them”. One of the main things also is the rifles, especially the bolt action. With the Suburb graphics and the special missions who follow one soldier every mission. Joe says, “death seems imminent,” when the mission gets going and the bullets start to fly you immerge as if you are in World War 1 fighting for the United States. Joe King ‘17 says that "the multiplayer is fantastic because you get to test your skills and fight real people other than AI’s". He also stated that you can play as multiple sides including the U.S, British, Germans and many more.

Battlefield 1 is an example of what game developers at Dice can create in the 21st century. The game was well thought out and developed. Therefore gamers all over the world have come to love the Battlefield franchise. As the year goes on it just keeps growing. With this new release of Battlefield 1, Dice will have great success to look forward to in the future, and fans can’t wait to see what else they will offer.



Jonathan Sandman ' 17