College Football Prediction

As college football comes close to an end, and we head in into week 10 out of 12. Teams start to realize what’s at stake.  Everybody wants to get a chance at the College Football National Championship, but only four teams have a chance. As of right now the University of Alabama, Clemson University, University of Michigan, and University of Washington are in as the top four teams in college football. They still risk dropping out with a tough remainder of the season. In my bracket I have Bama at the one seed, Clemson at the two seed, Ohio State at the three seed and Louisville at the four seed. I explain later on how I came up with my prediction.

Alabama prepares to play Mississippi St who came of a huge win against Texas A&M. Mississippi St has a lot of momentum so if Alabama doesn’t come out ready, it could possibly turn out into a huge upset. According to ESPN’s Football Power Index they give Alabama a 95.8% chance of winning, but they also had some similar predictions for the Mississippi St and Texas A&M game. Bama’s Week 11 game doesn’t pose a challenge as they play against the FCS Chattanooga Mocs. The second threat is the Auburn Tigers who are on a six game winning streak. A loss against Mississippi St will certainly knock Bama out of the playoff, but since Auburn is high a highly ranked team they might not drop completely out of the top four. (Alabama beat Miss St, 51-3)

Clemson at the second seed should have a cake walk to the post-season but they still have to show up ready to play. They face three non-ranked teams, Pitt, Wake Forest, and South Carolina, so a loss to any of these teams will surely end Clemson’s playoffs hopes. All three teams are fighting this season to remain above .500 (have a winning record), but one team that steps out is Pitt.  Pitt has the highest chance according to ESPN’s Football Power Index with 8.3%. Campus Insiders writer Dave Miller stated “The Pitt offense will give the Clemson defense some first-half fits, as quarterback Nate Peterman plays mistake-free football in the opening few quarters.” If Pitt can come out and play great all four quarters, the Tigers might be in some trouble. (Clemson lost to Pitt, 43-42)

Michigan might have the toughest final 3 regular season games since it includes the Ohio State University. Michigan heads to Iowa this week to take on the unranked Hawkeyes, and then host the Indiana Hoosiers the following week. Those are two unranked teams who put up a huge fight week in and week out. If I was Michigan’s head coach Harbaugh, you would have to establish a strategy that will insure wins against Iowa and Indiana, but will keep the team healthy and ready for the big Buckeyes. November 26th is when the unforgettable Buckeyes vs Wolverines game will be played.  Ohio State ranking in a six is knocking on the door for the college playoffs. A loss to OSU might not knock them but it will close. OSU has won the last four matchups, so Michigan hopes to end the streak this year and make the CFP for the first time. (Michigan lost to Iowa, 14-13)

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Washington places at the final fourth spot. The Pac-12 individually has some good quality team, but as whole it hasn’t been the strongest. Washington’s final 3 games go against USC, Arizona State, and Washington St. With all two teams being unranked, and Washington St being ranked 25th, this puts them in the same boat as Clemson. A loss ends their playoff berth. The difference between Clemson and Washington is that Washington has been consistent every week; they defeat their opponents by a large margin consistently. USC in my mind poses the biggest threat since they are coming off a strong 5 game winning streak but if Washington plays how they’ve been the whole year, they should be locked in to the college football playoffs. (Washington lost to USC, 26-13)

In my prediction I see USC getting the victory over Washington, and since USC is unranked that will for sure drop Washington out of the run. This will bring down OSU to fill the fourth position and Louisville to take fifth. As Ohio State take on Michigan, I see OSU getting the victory 32-14 sealing them in the College Football Playoffs, with Louisville completing it in the fourth seed. That is how I believe the College Football Playoff.

These four teams play for survival in the remaining weeks of the regular season. One slip up and it could cost them the championship. With teams like Ohio State, Louisville, and Wisconsin working hard to get in, the competition is much more difficult 

The-Moor Kelly