The Final Countdown

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In this year’s Presidential Election there are three questions which voters should ask themselves. Which candidate do you prefer? Why do you believe this candidate is the best? What do you dislike about the other candidates? The Moeller Community provides some interesting answers to these questions.

Donald Trump

Jonathan Manhardt ’17 supports Republican candidate Donald Trump saying, “I believe he is the best because he is well liked by foreign nations such as Russia and Japan, which could help us in the future. He has never taken a government office before, and he is running for president, which proves that truly anyone can run for president. He speaks his mind and insults big companies and big wigs and is highly criticized for it. This means that he is doing something right” Jonathon Sandman ’17 agrees: “See Trump speaks the truth, he doesn’t lie. Some people don’t like what he says, but would you rather he speak his mind, or would you want him to lie? I like Trump because he says that he will be getting all of the illegal immigrants out of America. These immigrants take up money and jobs that American citizens could have.” Trump’s website actually describes his plan for such immigration. Under “Plan’s for Building 'The Wall'." It states:

  • First day- to only allow legal immigrants to send money outside the United States.

  • Second day- Mexico will began to protest.

  • Third day- if Mexico contributes, they will not enforce final rule.

  • Final rule- cancelling visas, visa fees, also with no access to our markets because they need us more than we need them.

However, not everyone feels this way. Gus Haffner ’17 says, “Donald Trump has no respect for people unlike him and cannot identify with the working class. He has no clear, defined policies other than ‘build a wall’. All he offers are emotional phrases with no real accuracy or meaning.” In addition, Mitch Vogel ’17 believes, “Trump is an outright fascist who wants to limit the First Amendment and invade foreign countries to seize oil fields.”

Hillary Clinton

Haffner '17 supports Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton professing, “She has a long-tenured public service [with] a lot of experience in governmental affairs and has international respect. I also am more closely aligned" he continues, "With her left-leaning policies.” Clinton's website describes some of her objectives as president, such as plans to “Guarantee up to 12 weeks of paid family and medical leave to care for a new child or a seriously ill family member, ... up to 12 weeks of medical leave to recover from a serious illness or injury of their own[, and] [e]nsure hardworking Americans get at least two-thirds of their current wages... while on leave.”

Despite the fact that Clinton, if elected, will be the first woman U.S. President, not everyone is enthusiastic about her policies, patrons, or past. Manhardt ‘17 expressed that Hillary Clinton is a "puppet for the rich men of America as well as the media as she is already backed by George Soros and other big whig rich men who want to control America through policy. She is responsible for the deaths of those in Benghazi and will not take responsibility for it. She is a criminal, a maniac, and a liar, and she is unfit for the office of president of the U.S.A." Others, like Mich Vogel '17, feel as if "Clinton is a “war hawk who would sell America in a second.”

Gary Johnson

Vogel ‘17, meanwhile, supports Gary Johnson, the Libertarian Presidential Candidate. “Libertarians,” he says, “have a heavy focus on freedom and a laissez faire attitude toward business… Johnson [also] wants no corporate income tax or tariffs, supports cutting most foreign aid, and thinks government-managed healthcare is ridiculous; I agree with all these viewpoints." Johnson’s website provides insight into that business attitude stating: “Governor Johnson advocates for the elimination of special interest tax loopholes, to get rid of the double-taxation on small businesses, and ultimately, the replacement of all income and payroll taxes with a single consumption tax that determines your tax burden by how much you spend, not how much you earn.”

Although a fan, Vogel ’17 dislikes some of Johnson's policies like his support for the Trans Pacific Partnership which is a trade deal that's "good for corporations, but bad for the people." Also, Johnson supports private prisons, which Vogel '17 feels "puts less of an incentive on rehabilitating... It just contributes to the rotating door... of our judicial system.” Gus Haffner '17 is worried that Johnson is “too fiscally conservative," but he "tends to agree with Johnson's social policies.”

In conclusion, it seems like the Moeller community has some serious research and debate to do. Who are you voting for? Contact the Crusader if you have an opinion piece you'd like to submit for publication. 
Robert Champion '17