Nicholas Peters '18

I attended St. Columban grade school in Loveland. I am currently a senior and the mentor group captain of Mrs. Ring’s mentor group in Pillar house. I was also a captain on the varsity soccer team that finished as the #1 team in the city. Something about Moeller that I really enjoy is its service opportunities. Participating in Little Buddies, Big Brothers and Teens Acting for Peace (TAP) has taught lessons in humility and service. As well as fulfilling my service requirements for Moeller, I am an avid Fortnite player with well over 20 wins. The rush you get just before a “Victory Royale” is something that just, simply,  cannot be matched.

This second semester will bring my third and fourth quarters working for The Moeller CrusaderI am one of two students that that will have been on The Moeller Crusader staff for their entire school year. After half a year of already writing and publishing fantastic articles, I am hoping to continue to entertain people with the content and stories that I will be creating.

 I never thought I would have so much fun with something so basic like Journalism, but I am glad that I decided to do it because it has given me many amazing experiences. For The Moeller Crusader I plan on writing on topics such as sports and important current events. I am also hoping to go on to inspire others to get involved in the field of Journalism as the industry is ever growing and changing.

Next fall I will be attending the University of Cincinnati and will be studying Journalism. I’m hoping to continue to help The Moeller Crusader grow in popularity and in content throughout the rest of the school year.

Nicholas Peters