Who Feeds the Hungry Men of Moeller?

Every day when students walk into Moeller High School, some of the first faces seen are the one’s of the cafeteria staff. After working here for years, they have made connections with many of the students and watched them mature. They have seen this school grow and change, while becoming best friends with each other along the way. The hardworking crew have many connections to Moeller and deserve much appreciation for the countless hours they put in to make the student's experience what it is. 

Yvonne (left) and Tammy (right)  Photo by Tanner Hughes

Yvonne (left) and Tammy (right)

Photo by Tanner Hughes

Bryce Abbott, Moeller's Food Service Director, has been working in the food industry for much of his life. He has worked everywhere from casinos to correctional facilities. After beginning in casinos with the "bright lights and beautiful people," the transition to correctional facilities taught Abbott much about his job serving people that are "locked up, carrying knives to the tables." He learned how to prevent prisoners from stealing food, and proportioning meal sizes so thousands of dollars weren't wasted on excess food thrown in the garbage.  

After living in Kansas, Michigan, and Memphis working at correctional facilities, Abbott was ready for a change of pace.

With his hometown roots beginning near Toledo, Ohio, he was familiar with much of the Ohio area. Prior to his working career, Abbott was a starting fullback/special teams football player at the University of Findlay, earning his scholarship by "banging heads with linebackers and showing my grit." His college nickname was also "Buck 90" because he only weighed "a buck 90, soaking wet" trying to play college football.  

Abbott began his post-correctional facility life living in Fairfield, but later moved to the Oakley area with a friend of his. Working at schools such as Moeller, La Salle, and Hamilton Country developmental schools, he has been able to settle down and enjoy life. He was recently married last august, while also having his first son weeks ago, named Jackson Hayes Abbott. Although he is not named after the Moeller grad Jaxson Hayes, Abbott will "rep Jaxson Hayes if that's what everyone wants to go with." 

Tammy at her register before school  Photo by Tanner Hughes

Tammy at her register before school

Photo by Tanner Hughes

Besides Abbott, familiar faces in the cafeteria include Mrs. Tammy and Yvonne. They are two of the many ladies that welcome the students to school every single day. The aspect they love most about their job was a no brainer when questioned. "Working and interacting with you boys. It's all for you guys, we do it for you," responded Tammy.  

Both Tammy and Yvonne have had sons graduate from Moeller, so they know what Moeller is all about. Tammy stated that she "loved it when Michael (her son) was here, it was fun, and it's a weird feeling knowing he isn't here anymore."

Yvonne spoke of witnessing countless students come in freshman year with their heads down, then transforming into outgoing seniors as one of her favorite parts of the job. Talking to the student's day after day for 4 years, watching them transform into men, and then returning with success after Moeller has made the job worth it for them. 

Tammy and Yvonne not only love working with the students, but just as much love working with each other. Their job is 7 days a week for 12 hours a day, due to them also working the booths and concessions at sporting events. They have grown so close they "have become best friends. We do things outside of work. It's like we almost live together as sisters." 

Tanner Hughes