Its Beginning to Look a lot like Christmas

Moeller student with his little buddy  By: Moeller HS

Moeller student with his little buddy

By: Moeller HS

To get into the Christmas spirit, Moeller holds an event called Christmas on Campus with the people who are involved in Little Buddies. Little Buddies is a service opportunity here at Moeller. It pairs up a Moeller student with a student from Corryville Catholic. Once a month, students from Moeller travel to Clifton to spend time with their little buddies from Corryville Catholic. Sometimes the students draw, read, or just play some games.

According to Julian Miller, “It is a very awesome experience. Seeing the Corryville kids light up when we get there just makes my day better.” After growing a bond with these little guys, Moeller students get to take their Corryville buddies around the Moeller AC which is set up like a Winter Wonderland. The Corryville buddies then get to open a couple gifts and play a bunch of fun games.

While talking to Julian Miller, he believes that Christmas on Campus is “one of the best times of the year for these kids. They get to come to Moeller and goof around and have fun while at the same time be around their Moeller buddy.” Watching the little buddies run around Moeller yelling and going crazy over Christmas and games is truly something spectacular. The kids love it so much.

Ryan Mullaney, who has helped run games in the AC a couple years in a row says, “Watching the little Corryville kids run around and play all of the games we set up is great to see. It warms my heart to get to spread some Christmas cheer.”

The second part of Christmas on Campus is something called the Santa Room. The Santa Room is a room in the AC which is set up for Santa. Santa comes in and gives the little buddies presents and they rip them open with joy. The little buddies love it so much. While talking to Jennifer Davis, who was in charge of the Santa Room last year, Jen said, “When the little kids come running into the room they just light up the whole place. They are so excited when they get to Moeller it is so awesome to see. Letting these kids open up presents with Santa makes me feel so good. Since these kids are so young watching them with Santa is just full of happiness and joy.”

Overall, Christmas on Campus is one of the best times of the year for the Moeller students and their little buddies form Corryville. It’s excellent to know that Catholic schools from across town can come together and make Christmas a special time for everyone.

Moeller student with his buddy before mass  By Moeller HS

Moeller student with his buddy before mass

By Moeller HS

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