Moeller Rules: Phones during Mentor Group

Jacob Carota  picture taken by: Andy Garcia

Jacob Carota

picture taken by: Andy Garcia

Heading into the upcoming school year, Archbishop Moeller High School has decided to make some adjustments to the cell phone policy. 

The new cell phone policy states that students are not allowed to use cell phones during 30 minute mentor group.  Dean of Students, Michael Shaffer claims, “The reason why we don’t want cell phones during the 30 minute mentor group is because students using their cell phones is not really strengthening the overall community, but with cliques that are only within the mentor group.”  With students not having cell phones out during B-day mentor group, the school’s goal is for kids to interact with each other.  The Moeller Crusader has spoken with some students, teachers, and staff for some feedback about the rule.   

The Moeller Crusader sat down with vice school captain, Jacob Carota, and asked about his thoughts on the new cell phone policy.  When asked about the new rules, Carota said, “So far, I like it.  It gives us the opportunity to talk to each other.  I feel like our mentor group has done more activities like going to the AC, playing video games together, and eating food.”  Jacob Carota is one of the students that doesn’t mind the new cell phone rule, however, senior Ryan Konkoly isn’t pleased about the new policy.

Ryan said, “I don’t like the new rule.  It feels like the teachers and faculty are treating students like kids and not like adults.” He went on to say, “It makes it feel strict and like we’re back in grade school.”  On the other hand, Ryan agreed that the new rule helps create conversation and acts as an ice breaker for people especially for freshmen. 

Mr. Mike Shaffer  photo taken by: Andy Garcia

Mr. Mike Shaffer

photo taken by: Andy Garcia

The Moeller Crusader has spoken to teachers Mr. James Bauer and Mr. Bob Wynn for their thoughts.  From Mr. Bauer’s perspective, he said, “In my mind, the real question is why do we have to have that policy? What is the purpose of it?”  Mr. Bauer’s own classroom cell phone policy is students are to not have cell phones out during class.  Mr. Bauer believes that the new rule can allow students to develop discipline. 

When speaking with Mr. Bob Wynn, he is a person who strongly dislikes cell phones.  Bob Wynn’s responses were straight forward:  “I hate cell phones.  No one is allowed to use them in mentor group at all, even on the days where we only have 10 minutes with each other.”  Bob Wynn supports the new rule not allowing to have cell phones during mentor group.  He made a point by saying, “Phones ruin the purpose of mentor group.  It’s a time to interact with classmates and forces students to talk.” 

After speaking with Bob Wynn, the Moeller Crusader also spoke to Dean of Students, Mr. Michael Shaffer.  He is a person that has been around with students and understands them.  Most of the student body enjoys being around with him.  He explained, “I know guys use them to communicate with each other, talk, and joke around through their phones, but they tend to do that with just their buddies.  What it’s really doing is not strengthening the overall community, it’s strengthening cliques within the mentor group.”  When asking Mr. Shaffer about how this rule would impact our school, he said, “Right now, I think time will tell whether or not this really helps to improve our community.” 

Overall, this policy hopes to accomplish with students not using cell phones during mentor group, they would be able to strengthen the school community.  Mr. Shaffer feels that the classes has been divided because of the use of cell phones during the 30 minute mentor group.  Like what Mr. Shaffer said from before, that time will tell on how this rule will impact the school. 


Andy Garcia