Moeller's Political Views

Hillary Clinton’s 2016 Campaign Logo  Via Hillary For President (WikiMedia)

Hillary Clinton’s 2016 Campaign Logo

Via Hillary For President (WikiMedia)

The 2016 election was one of the most influential and groundbreaking elections of all time.  It debated different political subjects such as immigration, gun control, healthcare and lastly climate change.  Causing it to be the most politically challenging time in our country in the sense that the Republican and Democrats are more divided and fractured than ever.   

A political views survey was sent out to Moeller’s student body, with nearly 225 people sharing their opinion. The goal being to give The Moeller Crusader some good insight into how Moeller students feel about important political issue.  The topics that were asked about gun control, healthcare and immigration.

One of the biggest topics of discussion this year was gun control because of the horrific number of school shootings over the past couple years.  Whether it was something as old as Columbine or something as recent as the Parkland High school, or even horrific events such as the Las Vegas Shooting with a mentally ill perpetrator with a bunch of guns. Overall, the Moeller students had mixed feelings on this topic as they primarily think we need a little more regulation (54%) vs. the (29%) who thought gun regulation is fine as it is.

On a different note, most Moeller students believe that Donald Trump should have won the election and they’re glad of him being elected (88%).  While (12%) believed that Hillary should have won, and that Donald Trump potentially robbed her of the election.

When asked to all of the Moeller family about whether or not they would vote for trump again (69%) said yes while (14%) said they didn’t vote for him in the first place.  (14%) of those surveyed said they wouldn’t vote for him again.

Donald Trump Portrait  Via Shealah Criaghead (Wikimedia)

Donald Trump Portrait

Via Shealah Criaghead (Wikimedia)

When asked about Immigration, which is one of the most politicized topics, an overwhelming amount of people said that we should limit the number of immigrants/countries in which can come in (74%).  While (20%) said that we shouldn’t ban/regulate which countries immigrants come from.  The other (6%) said that no one should be allowed to legally enter the U.S.

The question relating to healthcare was fully split down the middle with (27%) of people believing the government should provide healthcare for all.  While (36%) of people believed that citizens should have to pay for their own healthcare. Lastly, the statistical majority wanted for those with money to pay for their own healthcare, but those who need help with paying for healthcare can receive help from the government (37%).

The most split question has to be the question asking about people’s political party and who they associate with.  The most popular political party is Republican at (70%) with Independent trailing far behind with around (16%).  A much smaller amount of students identified as Democrat (8%) and Libertarian (7%).

The last question that was asked in the survey is the question relating to climate change.  The most popular of the choices was that we should try and use clean energy and cut back on fossil fuels (60%). While (19%) say that we are already doing enough to help prevent forms of climate change.  (7%) believe we need to cut back on how much we spend on green energy. Lastly, (13%) of students believe climate change is not definitively human caused.

Overall with all these numbers being stated, it shows that a majority of Moeller students hold conservative values.  This is more than likely caused by Catholic and conservative families most Moeller students were raised in. Though many students hold conservative beliefs, its worth noting that a majority of students support stricter gun laws and cleaner energy. However many students fall in line with conservatism when it comes to immigration and support for the Republican party.

Max Montag