New Halls and New Walls

Rendered image provided by Mr.Beiersdorfer

Rendered image provided by Mr.Beiersdorfer

The New Classroom 2.0 is once again taking to the halls this summer. Over the 2018 summer, the second-floor hallway was torn apart and rebuilt with new floors and updated lighting. The rarely used lockers were also removed, creating more space in the hallways. This is the next step in the renovation process for the building.  

Schools throughout the United States are removing lockers from their schools and opening up hallways for their students. There are many reasons for this change. According to ABC News, many schools are now going lockerless. Some schools state that their main concern was with student safety.  Mr. Beiersdorfer said that safety with removing the lockers is important for our students. In an interview with ABC News, Dr. McGehee, Superintendent of Madison County Schools, says it will relieve congestion in the halls. The Washington Post states that, “schools are now removing individual student lockers from their hallways, and builders and designers for many high schools don't even include them in their plans”. We are making steps towards a modern high school with Moeller’s Classroom 2.0.

Moeller president, Marshall Hyzdu, recalls his use of lockers, “I remember using my locker for a coat and text books. With the 7-block day, we needed a place for them.” Now that we are on a block schedule, current students don’t need many items for class. Our technology reduces our text book usage even more. “Our students carry around everything they need through the day. Most textbooks are available online,” responds Mr. Hyzdu when asked about storing textbooks. He also says that the number of students using winter coats is minimal and can carry them easily from class to class.  

New Halls, Empty Walls

While the plan is already in action on the second floor, the walls of the hallway are noticeably empty. They will begin to fill this summer.    Mr. Dave Beiersdorfer, Moeller’s Director of Facilities, said that they are in the middle of funding, so the process will take time.

What should we expect in their place? Right now, the team who is taking on the project is looking at the flow of students and will determine what will fill the space. They have tried seating over by the science wing with power strips for charging. They also have tried a small couch as well. We can expect some new seating in the halls so students will not be on the floor before class. “We will try the benches in the hall,” said Beiersdorfer, “The main concern is if someone falls into it is making sure they don’t hurt themselves.” Mr. Hyzdu and Beiersdorfer also talked about possibility of club and sports billboards and other Moeller news.  

Moeller junior Logan Martin says that he likes the changes. He has never used his locker at Moeller and didn’t even know he had one freshman year. When asked about the look he said, “The hall looks professional, clean and sleek. It is a good look for us to be shooting for.” With it being empty he wants a place to sit and charge his laptop before class.  

Sophomore Nathan Shawver, when asked about what he thinks about lockers said, “I don’t think they are useful. I’ve used one once and not since.” He also agrees that the space should be now used for places to sit. 

Kyle Smith wants more lockers for sports equipment. “Baseball, Lacrosse, and Bowling do not have anywhere to put their equipment. I have to lug my bowling bag around and only have the option of third floor.”

When asking Nate Steffen about removing lockers, he said he likes the nostalgia of lockers however he said, “They are dated, and nobody uses them.” He hopes to see bulletin boards and places to see updates on sports and the band.

Overall, changes are happening in the hallways, albeit slowly. Students will certainly be looking forward to the new additions and subtractions from the second and third floor hallways.

Owen Lundy