Top 10 Best Moeller Lunch Food Entrees

The students of Moeller all know of the grade A quality lunch food here in our cafeteria, but the question that has sprung heated debates, arguments, and hot takes can now be silenced. This is the list to end all lists, the cream of the crop. Which entrée is THE BEST bang for your buck? This list will breakdown the top 10 best entrees Moeller serves based off taste, quality, price, and overall impact of lunch room buzz. Despite the staples of the Moeller cafeteria being fantastic options, such as pizza, chicken sandwiches, and wraps, this list will simply focus on the changing hot entrees.  

Honorable Mentions: Hot Dog Bar, Asian Bar, Ravioli, and Grilled Cheese & Tomato.

#10 Chicken Alfredo 

Just cracking the top 10 list is chicken alfredo. Despite the taste not being fully there, you can’t beat the additional breadstick and underrated caesar salad you get with the meal. All of this combined with a large fountain drink for $4 is a well-balanced, hearty meal.

#9 BBQ Pulled Pork 

You might not remember the BBQ pulled pork sandwich because they only serve it once a month, but this is the hidden gem of the cafeteria. Slap a little BBQ sauce on this bad boy, and you will become a fan favorite of the sandwich. Based off the sheer small sample size, this entrée is at #9 with potential to rise.  

#8 Spaghetti and Meatball 

Just like the chicken alfredo, you get amazing bang for your buck with the spaghetti and meatballs. The breadsticks are what puts the cherry on top of this entree. When talking with Tammy Barnes, the head of the cafeteria at Moeller, she said, “The spaghetti and meatballs have quickly become a favorite for the students and are definitely on the rise in popularity.” The noodles tend to be a little dry and cheap, but the sauce and balls mask the bland taste of the noodles.  

Burrito Bar

Burrito Bar

#7 Burrito Bar 

Number 6 and number 7 go hand in hand as they are the exact same besides what the toppings go on top of. The burrito bar is a great option because of the inherent variety you can get.  Rice, beans, chicken, lettuce, corn, salsa, sour cream, onion, banana pepper, the list goes on. You can add whatever you want on the burrito to eat it the way you like it.   

#6 Nacho Bar 

The nacho bar just nudges the burrito bar out of the top 6. John Buck, a four-year consumer of Moeller lunch food said, “The nachos are slightly better for me because it’s not as messy as the burrito. Having to fold it yourself can cause some issues.” Again, the variety with the nacho bar gives it the number 6th spot on the list.  

#5 Burger Bar 

Starting off the top 5 is the burger bar. In past years, this entree would not have even scratched the honorable mentions list because of the cheaper cheeseburger you can get everyday for $2.25. However, this year the lunch ladies elevated this dish into what we all know it to be today. The addition of bacon and an onion ring on top has truly turned this burger into a must buy. Also, you can add lettuce, tomato, and BBQ sauce, as well as a complementary side of Lays potato chips. The combination of improvements made to the burger bar is why it cracks the top 5.

#4 The 3-Way 

Coming in at the number 4 spot is the 3-Way. This entree is one of the more slept on foods the cafeteria offers because of Cincinnati’s very own Skyline 3-Way. Many people assume that Skyline blows Moeller’s homemade 3-Way out of the water, but they are all wrong. In an interview with Adam Cusmano, an avid consumer of Moeller lunch food, he said, “The 3-Way at Moeller is the BEST food they serve, period. It is better than Skyline, no cap. I get 2-3 bowls every time they make it.” That might be a hot take, but the additions of chopped onions and hot sauce definitely allows Moeller’s 3-Way to compete with Skyline.

#3 Boneless Wings 

The boneless wings are a fan favorite at Moeller, and many people like Tyler Totin would say that the dish is the number 1 entree they serve. The only downfall with the boneless wings is that the almighty double costs $8. This price is a bit steep for the amount of food you receive. Don’t get me wrong, the wings are fantastic and the two different sauces allows for a spicy or mild taste. The better bang for your buck would be to get a single with the free side of broccoli + cheese, but for most people, they just can’t resist the double. Tammy Barnes said, “I would say 75% of people get the double, but I always encourage people to get the broccoli.” Nevertheless, the boneless wings are delicious and worthy of the number 3 spot.

#2 Philly Cheesesteak

Potato Chicken Bowl

Potato Chicken Bowl

If you are going for flavor or texture, the philly cheesesteak is for you. The amount of different flavors packed into this small sandwich is outstanding. Grilled steak, onions, and mushrooms embodies the Philadelphia taste. Add a little lettuce, tomatoes, banana peppers, or mayo and you’ve got a blast a flavor. Just to add on the plate, the dish comes with a free side of Lays potato chips. If your looking for some crunch on the sandwich, simply add the chips under neath the golden brioche bun and your taste buds will be satisfied.

#1 Potato Chicken Bowl 

To describe the potato bowl is a quote from Joe Sherman, he said, “I never buy lunch food at all unless it’s potato chicken bowl day. It just hits different.” This quote embodies the potato bowl. The combination of mashed potatoes, corn, gravy, chicken, and cheese leaves the mouth dripping for more. You get a little bit of crunch and soft tenderness into every bite. What makes the bowl number 1 is overall buzz it receives throughout the school. On potato chicken bowl days, the overall vibe in the lunch room is amazing. Students look forward to lunch as soon as they step through the doors of Moeller.

Ben Hegge