Moeller Band Captivates Audiences

Paul Kindt is cooking up another successful year

Paul Kindt is cooking up another successful year

Moeller’s marching band has recently been a highlight for every sporting event that they attend. Here’s how they came to be the talk of the school.

Director Paul Kindt, star guitarist Logan Martin, and drum major Joseph Meehan have answered a few questions about the band.

Mr. Kindt is the lead director of the Moeller Band. He takes pride in it, because of his love for music. He started singing in grade school and stated, “it was my first exposure to people clapping for me. So, from that point on, I have just loved music.” He eventually picked up the guitar in grade school and the clarinet in 8th grade.

Kindt loves pretty much every type of music. “I try to stay ‘current’ with today’s music, but you finally reach a point where you are too old and you may look like a fake person trying to listen to it,” explained Kindt. Kindt’s taste in popular music was on display last year when the band’s concert theme was songs about FIRE. This included songs like “I Want it That Way” by The Backstreet Boys and “Thunderstruck” by AC/DC.

“I was most inspired as a player by funk, some of the older, especially horn driven funk.” Kindt said he played the clarinet when he was in the marching band, but was the drum major his last two years at Moeller. Then went to college to do two years in the marching band.

Originally a Religion teacher, Kindt was asked to come take over the program in order to revitalize it. He instantly took the responsibility. He didn’t see himself doing it for this long, but he likes where it is taking him. This is his 4th year as a band director.

His other hobbies include video games, “you always got to have an outlet, and video games happen to be mine,” says Kindt.

This year the band’s theme is all about the 80’s. The band is pumping up halftime crowds with classic rock hits such as Livin’ on a Prayer, Jump, and Hit Me With Your Best Shot.

Many Moeller students have worked hard as a part of the band to help make Kindt’s vision a reality. Seniors Jacob Covalcine, Noah Curi, Matthew Harper, Aidan Kilgore and Kyle Smith are all experienced members of Kindt’s outfit.

Two of the more recognizable faces (featured on the band’s official merch) in the band are seniors Logan Martin and Joe Meehan. Respectively, they are the lead guitarist and drum major for the band.

Logan Martin rocking a bandana at MomProm.

Logan Martin rocking a bandana at MomProm.

Logan Martin

Guitarist Logan Martin, surprisingly, hasn’t been playing music for as long as many may think. He started in 8th grade with a ukulele. He bought it from a friend for $20. “One day I decided to listen to ‘Are You Experienced’ by Jimi Hendrix, and it blew my mind. I would say that is when I became really inspired.”  Logan was 100% sure he hadn’t mastered the guitar yet. Only for two and a half years, Martin has been playing the guitar. But it’s the consistency of practice that has gotten him this far.

Hours upon hours of practice for Logan has paid off. He is headline for almost every home halftime show. “I’m already pretty much known as the weird guitar player, so I might as well embrace it and go all in,” explained Martin. Martin also states that the band wasn’t doing well prior to his freshman year, and that Paul Kindt had saved the band. As a result, they have more students in the band and also more fans watching them at halftime.

Joseph Meehan (center) and the rest of the Moeller drumline perform outside the main entrance on Fridays  by MoeMNDBand Instagram

Joseph Meehan (center) and the rest of the Moeller drumline perform outside the main entrance on Fridays

by MoeMNDBand Instagram

Joe Meehan

Joseph Meehan has always had a love for music. “It was a way for me to express my creativity and to have fun,” stated Meehan. He loves being in the band this year. It is the first time they have actually been a real marching band in the last decade.

Joe mentioned, “The 80’s theme is awesome because it is different from what every other school is doing and makes us stand out in a way that makes us look awesome!” His original instrument is the steel drums. While playing those for nine years, Meehan has also played drum set, and other percussion instruments. He hopes the band can continue the greatness they will leave behind.

Sean Higgins