Crusader Cavalry Exceed Expectations

When it comes to supporting Moeller athletics, there’s no group better than Mr. Steve Kuhlman’s Crusader Cavalry. The Cavalry are a student group that is responsible for supporting the sports teams during games, and bringing energy to the student body at Moeller. There’s an opinion of the leader of the cavalry, some outsiders, and a person in the Cavalry. I get their opinion on what they think, and how they could possibly improve the Cavalry as a whole. This article will inform the students at Moeller how The Cavalry works. The student on the cavalry spend a lot of time as a group together to get people to the games, involved in school, and building the environment at Moeller. They spend a lot of time even though they aren't part of the team.

The Crusader Cavalry photo by Jake Bambauer

The Crusader Cavalry photo by Jake Bambauer

In an interview with the head teacher and the leader of the Cavalry, Mr. Kuhlman, he says that this year’s class is energetic and brings a lot of enthusiasm to the school. So far this year, The Cavalry has been awesome and doing a good job of rallying the student support for teams. When Kuhlman was asked about how this year compares to past years, his response was, “Every year has its strengths and weaknesses, but this year is more dedicated.”

Mr. Kuhlman explained that the success of the group is due to a thorough interview process to select the members of The Cavalry.  Students can apply for next year’s Cavalry at the end of this year. 

There has been talk that there could be some things to improve the Cavalry this year. Mr. Kuhlman says that they need to work on time management and to finish their projects on time. When asked about how he chooses the people in the Cavalry, he responded to say that there is an interview process every year, and that people apply near the end of the school year then near April to May there is an interview and they go off that. There are some things that need to be improved this year, he said that they need work on timing and work together to get to more events. They don’t always get to the golfing events and other school functions.

When Tanner Hughes got the chance to get interviewed, he says the Cavalry is a lot different this year than past years. He says in past years, the Cavalry did a better job of promoting their efforts to the whole school. Although Tanner says the group is good this year, they still have some things that they could potentially improve on. “They brought a different type of energy to school every day,” Tanner says Crusader Cavalries of the past. Some believe that the hype around the games hasn’t been nearly the same this year compared to past years, but have done a fair job. One suggestion from Hughes was for the underclassmen in the Cavalry to have a bigger role, so the rest of the school can get to know them. If he were to be in the Cavalry, he said he would try to bring more attention and awareness to the upcoming games.

My last interview was conducted with Peyton Bambauer, one of the student leaders of the Cavalry. He has been on the Cavalry since he was a sophomore here at Moeller. He claims that this year, there has been great energy at games and a good spirit at school. When asked about the role of the Cavalry, he says, “The goal is for people to get them to the games, not necessarily know who the people are. If kids come to the game then they did their job as a group.” They are all very excited to lead the sports team here at Moeller and to get students involved. They plan to have a great rest of the year with basketball and baseball coming up after this football season.

Ryan Mullaney