So What? Now What? Moeller Football Postseason

Last weekend, the Moeller Crusaders took a tough loss to Winton Woods, but they are ready to bounce back. Players and coaches gave us their input on the rest of the season and talked about the upcoming playoffs. They gave their thoughts and opinions on what is so special about this team who is currently 6-4 and destined for a good run in the playoffs. 

Chrys Watkins hitting the “Boogie” after a good run. Photo by Chris Malone

Chrys Watkins hitting the “Boogie” after a good run. Photo by Chris Malone

Moeller Football is considered as one of the best high school football programs in the country. The last three years have probably been three of the worst years in Moeller Football history. Doug Rosfeld was introduced as the new head coach for this season. Coach Rosfeld has completely turned around the program from where it was just a couple years ago.

Rosfeld has the Crusaders currently at 6-4 and are the 6 seed in the playoffs. The Crusaders have to go play Elder at The Pit this Friday. The football team swept the GCL going 3-0 and only losing to Scott County, St. Ignatius, St. Edwards, and Winton Woods. Tucker Hughes, Alex Merritt, and Jack Lampert talked about the team and what they hope to do in the playoffs. Coach Rosfeld also gave some insight on his thoughts of the season. 

Jack Lampert is very confident in the team's ability and skills to make it far this post season. Lampert said, “I think the team this year is very different than previous teams. I feel like we are a very close team and that when we are on the field, I feel very confident in my teammates.” Jack Lampert then added, “I think that we will get the win this week against Elder and then I also think that we will go very far in the playoffs. I think we can go far this year because as I said earlier, I just feel something special with these guys. What I am hoping for is that we win state an I think that we have a very good shot at winning this year.

Talking to Alex Merritt he said, “We cannot just keep thinking about the 6 wins we got, we need to focus up and win from here on out.”

Tucker Hughes is very confident on how the team can perform in the post season. Hughes says, “I feel like the injury of Luke (Szabados) has sparked something in us, and I feel like we can make a pretty good run this year.”

Alex Merritt after a huge safety. Photo by Chris Malone

Alex Merritt after a huge safety. Photo by Chris Malone

Doug Rosfeld has only had good things to say about the seniors and the team. Rosfeld said,“The captains this year have been fantastic. The leadership they have shown to everyone has been amazing.” Rosfeld said, “I love our schedule. It gave us 4 tough games to get ready for the GCL. Playing 6 Catholic school teams is a very good thing for the kids, in addition to playing teams in the GCL as well as Scott County, St. Ed’s. and St. Ignatius. Playing them gives us many positives. Some of the positives are that it helps us with the playoffs, it gets us ready for the playoffs, and the experience of playing these teams will be something fantastic for the guys.”

Losing Luke Szabados was a punch to the stomach. He has been a key player and has played a vital role in our defense. With that being said, hopefully the football team gets the win against Elder and wins the state championship.

Evan Davis