Moeller Rugby Sports Strong Bonds

Moeller Rugby, a sport that has been under the radar consistently for years now, is now gaining some serious momentum. Many people think that Rugby is just a different type of football with a different set of rules. Which is perhaps half true, but in reality it’s more than that. Rugby is a sport that has been at Moeller since 2009.  The team was originally started and coached by Moeller's current head football coach, Doug Rosfeld.  Rosfeld left Moeller around a few years later and the team was taken over by Steve Kuhlman, a former rugby player for Moeller and now a math teacher.

Photo of the Moeller Rugby Team  Photo Credits: Moeller Rugby

Photo of the Moeller Rugby Team

Photo Credits: Moeller Rugby

 Mr. Kuhlman has a lot of expectations for the rugby program and the players in it, “Expectations are high, great team, new players, so my plans are to start off slow but to improve throughout the season while players learn more. Expecting a big year out of our senior leaders like Joey Phipps, Ben Little, Nick Marsh and all the senior leaders.” Rugby this year has a lot of new players that are of all ages. The senior captains, are veterans of Rugby, played all 4 years and have a lot of experience to help new players out.

Kuhlman also mentioned,“Joey Phipps and Ben Little are team captains. Jared Taylor, Chris Watkins, Jake Thompson, and Justin Davidson are some of the key players we have on our team this season. Our players this year are much more fluid and much faster paced than in the past.” Mr. Kuhlman has done a great job leading in newer players and helping them out with anything. There’s no real divide between players.  Even with players from different ages and experience levels, the team has managed to form a strong bond. Seniors and experienced players always help out with newer players and by doing so they can get some hand on experience and some tips on what to do.

Photo Credits: NAPARAZZI October 7th, 2017

Photo Credits: NAPARAZZI
October 7th, 2017


Since Mr. Kuhlman started coaching in 2014, he has experienced some challenges with his coaching position. “It was tough, I had 1 year of Rugby experience, 0 coaching experience, thrown in as the head coach of the program with 80 players in it. My first year was rough, didn’t know much about the sport, but now after 4 years, I understand the game at a higher level and feel confident.”

Sam Parrish, who has just started playing rugby during his senior year had this to say, "I would recommend rugby to anyone that hasn’t played a sport. Everyone has an opportunity to play and live out a dream of being like a football player running the ball. ” Sam Parrish, was a football player in the past, but decided this year to join the rugby team.  He did express regret over not trying out earlier in his Moeller career.   For athletes young and old, and players of any ability, rugby provides an opportunity for everyone to experience a rare and exciting sport. 

Bryant Prescott