Top 10 Golf Courses in Cincinnati

Cincinnati is home to some of the best golf in Ohio. This editorial is a list of the best 10 courses in Cincinnati, some public some private, some expensive some cheap. Any time of year that you are looking to play a round of golf with your father, sons, or friends, be sure to take a look back here and try to get out to any of these courses.

Par 3 at Camargo Country Club

Par 3 at Camargo Country Club

1.)    Camargo Country Club (Private)

Located in Indian Hill, Camargo is easily the most prestigious and difficult golf courses in Cincinnati. According to GolfDigest, Camargo is in the top three courses in the state of Ohio. It is harder to get a tee time at Camargo then it is to even play. Camargo is old money, it doesn’t matter how much money you have its about where you got your money and who you know. To be a member here at Camargo it requires recommendations from members and then you can bring out the check book. On top of all that, the humongous greens, tight fairways, and big bunkers give Camargo Country club a number 1 spot on the list.

2.)    TPC Rivers Bend (Private)

Located in Maineville, TPC is a part of a large group of clubs around the nation called Tournament Players Club. Many PGA Tour events are held at TPC courses around the country. The most prestigious would be the Players Tournament at TPC Sawgrass in Florida. TPC Rivers Bend is an extremely nice golf course with fairways that ungulate like a potato chip and greens able to fit many challenging pins for the weekend tournaments. The par-72, 7,180 yard course is an easy top 5 courses to play in Cincinnati

Par 3 at Maketewah Country Club

Par 3 at Maketewah Country Club

3.)    Maketewah Country Club (Private)

Located in Bond Hill just off of the Norwood lateral. Maketewah is a par-71 just under 7,000 yards. Home to the US Open Qualifier, Maketewah has one of the best memberships available in Cincinnati. With caddies available whenever requested, Maketewah is an absolutely beautiful golf course. Designed with a hill in the middle of this fenced in property, the Club manages to fit 18 amazing holes, a stunning Clubhouse with a pool and bowling alley and one of the best practice facilities in the entire country. If you ever get the chance to play out here it is highly recommended that you drop what you are doing and get to the first tee.

Green Complex at Coldstream Country Club

Green Complex at Coldstream Country Club

4.)    Coldstream Country Club (Private)

Located off of I275 in Anderson, Coldstream golf course is spectacular. The fairways are lined with bunkers and if you have trouble hitting the fairways, this might not be the course for you.  The green complexes at Coldstream are awesome and allow you to hit many different shots and putts in only 18 holes of golf. Coldstream has a well-rounded caddie program with young men and woman who know the game and will make your experience that much better. If you are ever in the area. Please stop by because Coldstream is a really fun play.

Carter Kurz and Michael Shipp pose in front of the pet buffalo on the first hole at Stonelick Hills.

Carter Kurz and Michael Shipp pose in front of the pet buffalo on the first hole at Stonelick Hills.

5.) The Golf Club at Stonelick Hills (Public)

Located in Batavia, relatively new hidden gem is an absolutely remarkable 18 holes of golf designed by a man who was denied membership to Camargo, and thus went on to build his own golf course. The unique design of its 9th hole island green leading into a spectacular clubhouse is a great view and a fun hole. There are two pet buffalo off of the first hole so if you lose a ball in there, I do not recommend searching for it. The course provides multiple different shot angles and requires every club in the bag. It is a must play if you are here in Cincinnati.

6.)    Kenwood Country Club (Private)

Located in Kenwood right off of I-71. Home to 36 holes, 2 different courses, Kendale and Kenview. Kenview is carved into the side of a hill overlooking the Red Bank Road exit of  I-71. Kendale is the better of the two. Kendale provides a classic parks style course with tree-lined fairways leading to a difficult green complex. The membership itself is exquisite, classic clubhouse, pool and driving range. Kenwood Country Club is a great spot to check out just to play or to join.

7.)    Heritage Club (Private)

Located in Mason, Heritage Club is a great golf course with some of the best green complexes in Cincinnati. As you make your way thru the course you won’t find similarities between the holes. The greens can get speedy and make sure you look at your line from both sides of the hole because it is very simple to misread your putts on these tricky greens

8.)    Hyde Park Country Club (Private)

Located off of Red Bank Road exit of I-71 in Hyde Park, this club is very interesting. The fairways are grown with zoysia grass, which makes the fairways tight and the grass almost provides a teed-up feeling. The grass conditions help a long approach shot become more accessible. Many tee shots and approach shots are from varying levels of elevations. This requires you to really think about the next shot. I highly recommend that you check out this club if in the area. 

9.)    Cincinnati Country Club (Private)

This hilly 18 holes in the center of Cincinnati is home to a great string of par-4’s that will challenge your game. The better you can keep the ball in the fairway the better you will play. The driving range and practice facility at CCC is absolutely spectacular with a range that travels down and a valley and an excellent short game facility. The large white clubhouse is a great view with the holes that play through the trees and the hills. Cincinnati Country Club is a great play and highly suggested.

10.)  Losantivile Country Club (Private)

Located in Pleasant Ridge, this old country club requires not a long but an accurate game with its tight fairways and hilly green complexes. If there is one piece of advice that should run through your head while playing this course is “don’t go long.” Just about every single green slopes from back to front and they are slippery. Big numbers are brought into play if you were to go long. Losantivile is home to the excellent practice facility for the University of Cincinnati. A fun 18 holes that definitely deserve a spot in my top 10.

Julian Miller