Patrick Mahomes rises to fan favorite QB after electric first season

Patrick Mahomes leaves the field.  Photo by Jeffrey Beall

Patrick Mahomes leaves the field.

Photo by Jeffrey Beall

Despite the abrupt end to the Kansas City Chief's season, there are many reasons to be excited for quarterback Patrick Mahomes, who is panning out to be the NFL’s new favorite quarterback.  

As predictions were made entering the 2018 NFL season, many did not expect a rookie quarterback from Texas Tech could come out and shock the league. Mahomes elevated the Kansas City Chiefs to a spot in the playoffs that was very unlikely to happen according to experts. 

Mahomes was not only playing great for a newer player to the league but he was doing it with flash and flare that excited fans all over the NFL. The Kansas City Chiefs acted as an offensive juggernaut all season having an explosive and unpredictably fast paced offense with none other than Mahomes at the head of this offensive force.  Adding onto the excitement of this playstyle were great receivers such as Tyreek Hill and tight end Travis Kelce who were products of memorable catches and insane touchdown numbers all season.  

Fans’ eyes were caught in the beginning of the season when Mahomes, who was unknown by many at the time, threw ten touchdowns in his first two games. Quarterbacks such as Brady, Brees, and Aaron Rodgers, who are all considered the best quarterbacks in this past decade, have never had a season with 50 touchdown passes. Mahomes did it in just his first season. This dominance and record-breaking performance would continue all season until he would become the second player in NFL history with 50 touchdown passes.

Writer David Fucillo of SBNATION claimed that Mahomes was a clear favorite for MVP, and while Drew Brees was great for a few games, Mahomes’ numbers were just too overwhelming. His 5,000 yards and 50 touchdowns giving him a QB rating of 113.8 made him the clear favorite for this seasons MVP award. 

I interviewed Michigan commit and Moeller’s own, Zach Carpenter, to ask him what the most exciting part of Mahomes’ game was this season. “The fast pace, the NFL has never seen the ball move so quickly as it has this season with Patrick Mahomes.”  

There seems to be shift happening in many sports right now regarding the emphasis on offense lately. The NBA is seeing scores like it never has before and this season in the NFL we experienced a game between the Chiefs and the Rams go over a hundred points total due to both teams face paced game plans and offensive play. Fans have been captivated in recent years by offense and there is less excitement coming from defense than there has been in the past. Fans now love skill players, and this can be seen in the fan obsession with players such as Odell Beckham and the NBA’s fan favorite Stephen Curry. 

Due to this offensive push in the NFL and other sports, teamed with the pace of Mahomes and his offensive juggernaut it will be interesting to see how he continues to turn heads and captivate fans for the rest of his career. Mahomes is predicted to have a great NFL season next year coming off his MVP award as the fourth youngest player ever. All eyes will be on Mahomes next season and we predict more greatness to come. 

Joe Sherman