Moeller Business Office: Behind the Scenes

Louise Hoelker, hard at work  Photo by Andy Garcia

Louise Hoelker, hard at work

Photo by Andy Garcia

There is a lot of work being done behind the scenes in the Moeller Special Events office.  Events coming up for Moeller are the fashion show, Founder’s Day, and Moeller’s Main Event.  With these events happening every year, The Moeller Crusader has decided to go in depth, and go behind the scenes of business offices.  Two of the unsung heroes of the second floor offices are Louise Hoelker and Betsy Morgan.

The Moeller Crusader first spoke with Betsy Morgan.  Betsy Morgan is a mother of two sons who graduated from Moeller.  She also had a daughter who graduated from Mt. Notre Dame.  Her daughter was a Moeller cheerleader.  Mrs. Betsy Morgan’s favorite part of working for Moeller is working with other moms and giving boys an opportunity to attend Moeller.   

The Moeller Crusader also spoke with Louise Hoelker.  Mrs. Louise Hoelker also had sons that graduated at Moeller.  Mrs. Hoelker’s favorite part when working at Moeller is doing different things with other Moeller moms.  She especially enjoys the people that she works with.   

Events that Mrs. Hoelker and Mrs. Morgan have in store for this upcoming year is Moeller Fashion Show, the Sports Stag, and the Main Event.  The Sports Stag and Main Event are the big and most important events that happen at Moeller.  The purpose for these planned events is to raise money for the school, provide tuition assistance to give boys a chance to attend Moeller. 

When discussing about some of these events, this is what Louise Hoelker said, “We help with Mom’s Club, Fall Raffle, Scholarship Breakfast, and many different things. We’re fortunate that we have flexibility to do what we do at Moeller and also be able to take care of our families.”  

From Left to Right: seniors Andy Garcia, Mitchel McKenzie, Joseph Craft, and Adam Shimala at the fashion show  Photo Creds: Meghan Shimala

From Left to Right: seniors Andy Garcia, Mitchel McKenzie, Joseph Craft, and Adam Shimala at the fashion show

Photo Creds: Meghan Shimala

The Sports Stag will be coming up early next year, and it’s a big fundraising event for the school. In addition to simply fundraising, Hoelker explains the draw of the Sports Stag, “It’s an alumni event.  It’s an event where guys that graduated from Moeller come reunite with their friends. The guys enjoy themselves, have dinner, and hear from a speaker.” 

The name says it all; the Main Event is a huge fundraising event that is held every year. Lots of planning and time is put into making it a special night for Moeller and its supporters. Hoelker explained, “This event raises money for tuition assistance. We want to be able to provide tuition assistance.”   

The Moeller Fashion Show, which was held on November 15, was also a huge success this year.  There were a lot of seniors that helped out modeling with their moms.  During the show, there were two teams that were featured in the fashion.  The Ultimate Frisbee team and Volleyball team were both recognized in the beginning of the show.  Some girls from MND and UA were also participating as well. As a student who volunteered to participate in the show, I can say that all students involved had a great time.

People don’t realize how much work is being put into these events.  Mrs. Hoelker does the coordinating, while Mrs. Morgan creates websites for these events like the Moeller Fashion Show.  However, they both felt that what they do at Moeller cant be considered work, because they enjoy what they do so much. They have a great time doing different things together.  Mrs. Hoelker and Mrs. Morgan have done a lot for this school.

Andy Garcia