Swimming Team Looks to Impress

Our boys on the swimming team are off to the races in their winter season. They started things off with the Moeller Intrasquad on November 10 and they will continue competing starting December 4. The team looks good this year and is hoping to get championships and break records. The team's leaders are seniors like Ben Choi, Kyle Lindeman, and Emerson Amongero.  These guys are prepared to tear it up this season.  

2018’s seniors set up for a picture  From: Ben Choi

2018’s seniors set up for a picture

From: Ben Choi

The team is looking to impress this year with a young roster full of eager talent. As senior, Ben Choi put it, “We’re the underdogs this year. Everyone is sleeping on us, but we will scrap for success. We’ll surprise everyone including ourselves, I know it.” They aren’t going to be the highest rated team of all time, and they seem to know that, but, as Choi put it, don’t sleep on these boys because they are ready to come out strong and make a statement to their competition, to their school, and most importantly, to themselves. I know this team is going to shock us all with a big season led by some great seniors. 

They want big things out of this season especially seniors, like Emerson Amongero looks to qualify for state in multiple events, and Eli Wagner and Kyle Lindeman look to go as well with impressive runs to districts last year. Choi had things to say about the teams goals and how they’ll reach them “Our goal is to improve every single day. There’ll only be small victories here and there. We’ll take everything we can get and scrap for a great season.”

A photo of Ben Choi in front of Moeller’s home pool  From: Ben Choi

A photo of Ben Choi in front of Moeller’s home pool

From: Ben Choi

It’s clear that the team wants something special this year as Lindeman says, one of his personal goals is, “The greatest part of my success would be making it to State for my Senior year”. I hope the best for this whole team and want the best for them this year. Their coach wants greatness for them as well saying, “This team is capable of greatness if they work for it. We want it bad, especially the seniors, now we just have to go and take it”. This team will do great if they rally around one another and work towards their common goal. Being a great team doesn’t come from being selfish or too prideful. It comes from being a singular unit and keeping composure under pressure.

The swimming team can and will accomplish something to be proud of and I’m excited to see it happen. Their family, friends and entire school will be backing them every step of the way and seeing them to success. It’s a great feeling to accomplish something to be proud of and everyone wants that for these boys, but in the end, its up to them and only them to go out there and take it.

Davis Miller