Moeller Football's New Leader

Photo: Thanks to Bruce Crippen and Moeller High School

Photo: Thanks to Bruce Crippen and Moeller High School

If it aint broke, don’t fix it. That is the mindset Moeller took when it was faced with the challenge to replace Coach Doug Rosfeld for the head football coaching job. The school announced that Coach Todd Naumann would become the interim coach to keep the football program moving forward while they dug in to see who would be the next official replacement for Coach Rosfeld. On March 26th, Moeller made the choice to make Mr. Todd Naumann ’91 the 7th full time football coach in the school’s history. According to Louis Tallarigo of The Moeller Crusader, Mr. Asbeck stated that “the goal is to build on the current culture, and I think the future is bright for Moeller Football.” Nobody better to do that than Coach Naumann.” He spent last year running the defensive backfield and being Coach Rosfeld’s right hand man. “Doug and I have had a great relationship,” Naumann told WCPO in February. “We’re close family friends as well. We’ve worked certainly intimately together the last 15 months to help get Moeller football back on track.” He was right there making all the big decisions last year and I think that will come back to help him a ton in the coming years.

For the rising senior class going into their fourth season of playing football here, it might feel a little crazy being led now by their third head coach. For some of the rising seniors they were a little caught off guard when coach Rosfeld left, but they have wrapped their head around the whole situation now. They are now looking forward to embracing the challenge and ready to prove that they are still atop the GCL.

Newly named captain Joe Toepher said, “for the first few days we were all kind of in shock. We didn’t really know what to expect next. We had been in this situation before but this coaching change was a little later in the offseason. Now that we got everything figured out, the team is just ready to roll.” This new senior class has some great leadership starting at the top with the likes of Joe Toepher, Kevin Thibodeaux, Andrew Deyhle, Tucker Hughes, and Carrington Valentine. These are all guys who have significant experience on the varsity level. Coach Naumann and his staff will maximize the leadership and talent out of all these guys this year on their way to a great season.

With a new head coach there always comes some change. One area where there has been the biggest changes has been with the coaching staff. In addition to the departure of Coach Andy Cruse to become the next head coach of Loveland, there’s been some shuffling in the ranks of the coaching staff. There should be no doubt that Coach Naumann will make excellent decisions to round out the staff.

Coach Naumann’s love for Moeller High School is undeniable. He has been involved with the football, basketball, track, golf, rugby, and the strength and conditioning programs but there is one that trumps all the others, Moeller Football. Naumann said in March, “I think that there is nobody in the world that knows better what Moeller High School and Moeller football need to make it the remarkable program that is has been created to be. I’m looking forward to the future and making sure that we make all the decisions and do great things for these men and that everything is done in a first-class manner. And that Moeller football is as strong and as healthy as it’s ever been.”

His excitement and intensity will be a good match for where the football program needs to go. He will continue to push the “FAITH-FAMILY-FOOTBALL” mindset and continue to lead the current and future Men of Moeller down the right path on and off the football field. Moeller football fans everywhere should be very excited about the direction this program will be heading.

Luke Szabados