Moeller Volleyball Focuses on Long Term Goals

Third in the Nation Moeller Volleyball has won eight state championships, five state runner-ups, and 14 GCL championships. Their last state championship was last year against Hillard Darby in straight sets, and they’re on their way to winning another one.  

Moeller Volleyball is ranked third in the nation and, they’re not planning on dropping in the rankings, especially coming off a GCL win against that school on Vincent Avenue who will not be spoken of.  

Trevor Sheets

Trevor Sheets

Each player has goals that they think needs to bet met to have a successful season. Senior Trevor Sheets said, “Every year at the beginning of the year we meet up at the beginning of the year and write our team goals up on a board and talk about what we want to accomplish”. The goals were growing closer as a team so that they have the best bond possible. Trevor also says” I think our biggest goal and one that we talk about a lot is taking things one match, one game, one point at a time, we used this goal last years as well”.

As a team they don’t want to look at the big picture until they accomplish their small goals.  Mavric Owens says “A big goal for the team is that we gain chemistry on and off the court and don’t discriminate between grade levels. This starts with the captains and the seniors setting a good example towards the underclassmen”. The seniors this year are Mavric Owen, Trevor Sheets, Nate Farwick, Ben Kiser, and Jacob Callahan.

The captains for this year are Mavric Owens, Nate Farwick, and Ben Kiser. They were voted on by the players. 

The team is looking great this year, and has a lot of talent across the board. They’ve only been together for a few weeks, but already have started to gel. They have some little things to fix and perfect, but they have the whole season to get those right. Currently the team is 6-2 this year and 2-0 in their conference. The team beat Elder 3-2 for the first conference game. They played LaSalle Lancers for their second game and beat them 3-0 at the Lancers gym.

The team still has plenty of key match ups left this season, including matches against each of the GCL South teams, and a tournament on April 27th in Centerville.


Cameron Reid